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If you have received a document or have been contacted by us, it is likely related to an overdue matter. The overdue debt is now owed by you to Francom Credit Solutions.  

If you have been affected by the Australian Bushfires and/or COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), please contact us as soon as possible to discuss how we can assist you

Our Services

Debt Collection and Recovery

Francom Credit Solutions is built by a specialist recovery team that will assist clients in collecting debts, with an aim of satisfying both clients and customers by offering swift and timely debt recovery and suitable payment arrangements.


Francom Credit Solutions focusses on maximising its customers returns from debts owed, to allow its customers to focus on its business and operations.

Skip Tracing and Field Calls

Francom Credit Solutions understands the importance of being able to communicate with customers that have not fulfilled their financial obligations to Francom Credit Solutions clients. Francom Credit Solutions use various skip tracing mechanisms to communicate with customers who have become unresponsive, uncooperative and unreachable.


The team of specialist field call agents and skip tracers at Francom Credit Solutions use their best endeavours to locate a customer, confirm service addresses, notify a customer of their financial obligations, discuss payment arrangements suitable to both the customer and the client and advise the customer of the potential outcomes of non-compliance with their financial obligations.

Debt Resolution Services

Francom Credit Solutions has access to Francom Legal in the event a customer refuses to comply with its financial obligations. Francom Credit Solutions works alongside Francom Legal to prepare a file for litigation, including providing a preliminary assessment of the file to ensure there are reasonable prospects of success.


Francom Credit Solutions and Francom Legal work cohesively in enforcing judgments and obtaining Garnishee Orders, Writs of Levy for Property, Examination Summons and even commencing bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, where litigation has been successful.

Debt Purchasing

As an entity supported Francom Group, FCS specialises in one-off debt book purchases and forward flow. FCS purchases debt across a range of sectors, including but not limited to, banking and finance (credit cards, fixed loans, personal banking, motor finance), telecommunications and energy.


FCS works closely with the team in Francom Legal to ensure it engages in ethical collection practices that are above and beyond the minimal required standard in the industry. FCS believes in proactively engaging with customers. At FCS, clients can feel confident that their brand and reputation will be protected after the debt is sold.


FCS believes that the debt sale market is ever emerging and stronger than before, which is why FCS pride themselves in their ability to consult and assist clients to realise their collection objectives, with assistance from Francom Group.

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Francom Credit Solutions is a part of Francom Group, a company that offers a complete professional service for all corporate needs.

If you have been affected by the Australian Bushfires, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss how we can assist you.


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